hair colouring

Client: Hayley F

Date: August 2011

Brief: Shoot a series of headshots for a major hair salon as entry to Joico’s Innovision contest

Requirements: Show contrast in the images to bringout the colour in the hair.

Client: Platform Models

Date: June 2015

Brief: Shoot a group of models in a warehouse filled with vintage pinball machines and jukeboxes to fill their portfolios.

Requirements: Accentuate certain features according to specificcations ( for this photo, cheekbones)


Client: Red ( model)

Date: May 2019

Brief: Shoot a series of images of the model within a nightclub scenario

Client: Personal

Date: 2018

Brief:  Highly stylized, with a sense of poer and authority (Inspired by Helmut Newton)

Client: Whitemetal Jewellery

Date: September 2019

Brief: Create a moody series of images whilst showing the high reflectivity of the jewllery surfaces.

Whitemetal jewellery website

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